Fair Trade Cotton - 2nd grade

Dostawa w ciągu 3-4 dni
Produkt dostępny

Yarn sale as a second grade due to a stronger twist than in standard yarns I order. The thread is therefore stronger, but will take up less volume after washing. The yarn is perfect for warp. 

The Fairtrade certificate guarantees that cotton from developing countries comes from crops that adhere to the following social standards: prohibition of forced labor and child labor, equal treatment for men and women, democratic decision-making in small producer organizations and the presence of trade unions in large plantations. Intermediaries operating under the Fairtrade system are required to pay producers a minimum price (set by FLO) or a market price.

Farmers covered by the Fairtrade system are forced to gradually introduce more sustainable farming. Guidelines for them include, among others: a ban on the use of genetically modified cotton, sustainable water management or reduction of pesticides to a level that does not lead to soil degradation and desertification.

This cotton is durable, soft, with a slightly cream shade typical for cotton yarn.


Data sheet

Fair trade cotton
Fibre content
100% cotton
1kg (cone)
Yarn count nm
13,6/2 Nm
Yarn count Ne
8/2 Ne