SUPIMA® + Silver sparkle - 2nd grade

Dostawa w ciągu 3-4 dni

Supima with silver sparkle

Produkt dostępny

Yarn sold as a second grade due to increasedt twist The thread after washing softens and is still suitable for warp and weft, however, it is less fleshy than the standard supima sold in our store and can tangled during beaming.

Supima® is a cotton yarn made only of extra long fibers (ELS Extra Long Staple). The fibers used to make it are 35% longer than ordinary cotton. As a result, it is softer and up to 45% more durable than other cotton yarns. Ingeo is an organic fiber obtained from corn. His shiny pieces mixed in cotton give yarns a silver glow.

Supima® cotton yarn reacts very well to dyes and the resulting colors are highly saturated. The weaving yarn softens and becomes voluminous after washing. Ideally suited for warp and weft. Due to the addition of silver fibers, we do not recommend soaking the yarn in soda and detergents for a long time.


Data sheet

Supima + Silver sparkle
Fibre content
97% Supima, 3% silver Ingeo
100g skein or 1,75kg cones
Yarn count nm
13,6/2 Nm
Yarn count Ne
8/2 Ne