"Weaving Yarns storage" was born out of the passion towards weaving and a love for the yarn.

I want to pay that passion forward. I want others to feel the same fascination towards the softness of wool, the shine of Tencel, or the nobility of silk. I want to show you the beauty of creating handwoven fabrics.

I design unique yarns from highest quality fibers especially for you. I seach all over the world for the most exotic fibers to let you fulfill your weaving dreams.

Designing and creating luxurious handwoven wraps for babywearing under the loom.me handwoven brand I have practical knowledge about the variety of projects we meet on everyday basis.

For that reason I do my best for you to find huge variety of yarns in the store. Either those already dyed or pure ones that you would be able to dye on your own for desired color shade.

Everyday I develop the storage and my own knowledge and skills trying to meet your expectations, making long-lasting process of creating your work of arts easier.

I know how much work and love you put into your creations and I want quality and comfort of your work to increase constantly hence the choice of the products in the store is vital for me.

Opulence of colors, patterns and textures that weaving and spinning gives us is incredible. I hope thet we would step into this fascinating world together.